Elaine Jackson


Research title: Applying Hierarchical Models and Resampling to Investigate J

Research Summary

How do cognitive biases impact upon juror decision making? Jurors are entrusted with several responsibilities when reviewing, deliberating and reaching a decision in criminal cases. It is expected that they will perform this duty in an objective and impartial manner, thus ensuring that the accused is afforded to a fair trial. However, research has shown that jurors are not always rational nor objective, and can often be prone to biases that can impede their ability to fulfil these obligations. During my PhD I investigate the potential sources from which biases are introduced to jurors, to establish the resulting affect on juror decisions and jury verdicts. 




External supervisors

Dr Martin Lages

Professor Fiona Leverick

Dr Lee. J. Curley


Greenland, S., McNeil, D., Jackson, E. M. (December, 2018). Innovate UK. £2M.

Jackson, E. M. (September, 2019). Glasgow Educational and Marshall Trust Grant. £1000.

Jackson, E. M. (September, 2020). Glasgow Educational and Marshall Trust Grant. £1500.


University of the West of Scotland - Module Coordinator and Lecturer (GA Business Management) May, 2021 – Present

University of the West of Scotland - Associate Lecturer (School of Education & Social Sciences) December, 2021 – Present

West Lothian College - Lecturer (Social Science) Jan, 2021 – Present