Elaine Duncan


Personal Website

ORCID iDhttps://orcid.org/0000-0002-5746-5939

Research title: Bioengineering 3D Adipose Organoids for Type 2 Diabetes Drug Discovery

Research Summary

The aim of my PhD project is to bioengineer 3D adipose organoids to provide a novel screening platform for type 2 diabetes drug discovery. These structures will include multiple cell types to better represent the complex disease phenotype than simple biochemical or 2D cell models, and will contain a genetically encoded biosensor to measure cellular function. There is also a large emphasis on animal-free research and we aim to investigate alternatives for all animal-derived components required for in vitro testing.

As a member of the LifETIME CDT 2021 cohort, I am incredibly fortunate to have many training opportunities concerning all aspects of the drug discovery sector, including academia, industry, regulators and funding bodies. I hope this training allows us to broaden our understanding of the industry as a whole and better prepare us to drive future progression in the industry.