Daniel McManus


Research title: Developing Alternatives to Prosecutions in Scotland

Research Summary

Since their introduction in Scotland, the system of alternatives to prosecution has grown significantly both in terms of use and in the widening of available alternative measures.  There has been very little research published on alternative measures in the Scots Law system.

My research explores the Scots direct measures system and builds upon the masters research conducted in 2020 - 2021

My previous research concluded that alternatives to prosecution are imperative in a rounded system of justice, but there are areas of development which may be feasible to improve the system in Scotland.  In addition, recommendations were made for improvement to the current system in Scotland and areas of further research which is required are identified to enable the Scots Criminal Justice system to develop prudently.  The PhD research looks to engage with professionals within the Scottish legal system to more closely examine in a theoretical and practical sense the operation of direct measures.


Scotland and the Alternative Disposal: Thinking Differently? Published July 2021 - Available at https://theses.gla.ac.uk/82435/12/2021McManusLL.M%28R%29.pdf


Community Justice Scotland, November 2020 - Presenting overview and initial findings