Anna Rozzo

Research title: Education,EdD

Research Summary

Dissertation: Inclusive Pedagogy & Faculty (US) Professional Development

I am investigating how US HE teachers perceive or interpret the term "inclusive pedagogy"; how they apply that interpretation to their professional practice; and what, if any professional needs they express regarding that application.

Methods: Qualitative inquiry via semi-structured interviews with reflexive thematic analysis aided by NVivo


Other research interests include widening participation; inequality in higher education; diversity, equity and inclusion; professional development and adult learning; training "non teachers"; curricular and instructional design; organizational change; coaching-as-methodology; workshop-as-method


Rozzo A. (2023) Locating Your Inclusive Practice: A Reflective Heuristic and Workshop ISSN: 2758-0962 The Paris Conference on Education 2023: Official Conference Proceedings


Rozzo A, (2025) Exploring lecturers’ goal-setting using a coaching framework"
International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching & Mentoring
Forthcoming: February 2025 (Vol 23 No 1).


I have worked with immigrants, refugees, international students, visiting scholars, subject areas experts, faculty, graduate students, clergy, and organizational leaders.

I have taught in charter schools, community colleges, universities, and non-profit organizations. I have taught in the US, Morocco, and Indonesia. My coursework experience includes all-levels of English as an additional language; teacher training and COP facilitation; intercultural competence and anti-racism work; and collaborating with subject area experts from a wide range of fields.

Additional Information

French- advanced BICS and CALP

Spanish- intermediate BICS and CALP