Anna Malova



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Research title: Climate Change: Game-Theoretic Perspective

Research Summary

My research interests centre around global warming and ways to prevent it. I am particularly interested in the theoretical side of the question and using game-theoretic approach, I try to model behaviour of countries involved in the climate change negotiations to find the nudge necessary to facilitate the necessary actions. I am also concerned with the climate change policy to define political constraints on the economic solutions of the problem.

My other research interests include behavioural and institutional economics.


Work in progress:

  • Global Warming and the Role of Exogenous Shocks in Enhancing International Cooperation: Are We There Yet?

Working papers:

  • Engineering Institutional Change (with S. Ghosal and S. W. Mukand)


  • 2018 – 2021 Adam Smith Business School Scholarship for Doctoral Studies
  • 2016 - 2018 MRes Economics Scholarship, College of Social Sciences Graduate School


  • 2018: Economics 2A (Mathematics), intermediate Microeconomics course including Introductory Mathematical Economics component
  • 2018: Economics 1B (Macroeconomics), 1st year core-module, teaches the basic principles of microeconomics
  • 2017: Economics 1A (Microeconomics), 1st year core-module, teaches the basic principles of macroeconomics
  • 2016: Macroeconomics 2 (2nd year of studies), comprises macroeconomics of financial markets and problems of macroeconomic policy
  • 2015: Macroeconomics 2 (3rd year of studies), comprises theory of economic growth and business cycles
  • 2014, 2015: Differential and Difference Equations, elective course, 2nd year of studies

Additional Information

  • 2018: Accomplished a degree of Master in Research with distinction (economics)
  • 2016: Top-5 students of the class 2016 (economics, Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia)
  • 2014: Award winner in bachelor students’ research papers competition in economics