Akshay Bagde

713, School of Engineering, James Watt South Building, University Avenue, G12 8QQ


Email: a.bagde.1@research.gla.ac.uk 

ORCID iDhttps://orcid.org/https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2697-7421

Research title: Waste to Energy: Hydrogen production from biomass & municipal solid waste (MSW)

Research Summary

I am a Researcher and Graduate Teaching Assistant at the Energy and Sustainability Group within the Systems, Power & Energy (SPE) Research Division of the James Watt School of Engineering. I have experience in the energy sustainability domain using designing, simulation, project development & demonstration. I graduated MSc with a Merit degree from the University of Glasgow gaining a new perspective on Engineering by studying Engineering with Management at Adam Smith Business School. To acquire management skills mainly in strategic management, change management, and leadership visions from Management studies and to use these skills for real-time applications with technology development.

I am focused to use my passion and skills for good use. I have successfully demonstrated the use of fuel made up of waste material for rural beneficiation in India under CSIR-800, Government of India Project.
In my Undergrad, I have successfully developed a 2-stroke scooter that used CNG as the main fuel. Analyzed emissions and mileage were sensational for which I was awarded winner at for International Project Exhibition by ISB&M, Pune and appreciated by Ministry of Heavy Vehicles and Transport, Government of India.

I worked as the Project Manager for the University’s project of a total renewable energy solution for the Isle of Great Cumbrae report. Determined the overall feasibility of a project which included engineering, sustainability design (carbon footprint, materials, etc.), economics, meeting with stakeholders, commissioning and decommissioning of wind turbines for the generation of electricity for the island. This is where I gained experience about renewables capacity and the impact on the future with transitioning to green energy.

I completed my Master’s Dissertation with the University of Glasgow and Universiti Sains Malaysia, which was funded by the European Council for Sustainable Transportation project for Penang, Malaysia. I developed the study on primary data and interviewed the top stakeholders for transportation development in Penang. 

I worked in the ‘Sustainable department’ from my bachelor's from CNG to bio-fuel and for wind farm project for Great Cumbrae to Sustainable transportation for Penang, from the development of Hydrogen fuel cell to electric vehicle technology. And I have aligned myself to work towards a sustainable future. I wish to pursue further my journey with waste to energy, green energy research & environmental policy for future energy and transportation.

Research Interests:

Waste to energy projects, Hydrogen production, Renewable energy, Sustainable Transportation, Energy Policy, Public values, Decarbonisation, Net Zero Carbon initiatives, Carbon Capture, Storage and Utilisation.


Bagde, A., Blanes, R., and Isa, S., 2021. Exploring sustainable transportation development in Penang: stakeholders’ perspectives of the Penang Transport Master Plan. Journal of Physics (Conference Proceedings- IOP journal). A V Bagde et al 2021 J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 1779 012080. https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1742-6596/1779/1/012080

Bagde, A., Aamer, S., Shinde, S. and Tambade, P. 2016. A Review on Implementation of CNG on Two Wheelers. International Journal for Scientific Research and Development. Available at: http://ijsrd.com/Article.php?manuscript=IJSRDV3I100612

Bagde, A., Blanes, R., and Isa, S., 2020. A public value perspective on developing public sector projects: Penang mass transport (Conference Proceedings for ABEATS in October 2020)

Bagde, A., Blanes, R., and Isa, S., 2021.The route to mitigation of climate change by sustainable transportation policies: A Case of Penang (Conference Proceedings for ABEATS in December 2021)

Akshay Bagde, Salmi Mohd Isa, Ramona Blanes. The impact of influential leadership for the development of billion dollars project: A case Public transportation development project for Penang, Malaysia. Submitted to Strategic Direction Journal. Emerald Publishing.

Akshay Bagde, Salmi Mohd Isa and Ramona Blanes. Promoting sustainability with urban mobility: The key to sustainability by mass public transport system for Penang Island. Submitted to Strategic Direction Journal. Emerald Publishing.

A study on developed briquette fuels to analyse the potential of agricultural waste energy. (Work Completed in 2018 at CSIR-NEERI).

Development of manual mechanical press for the production of briquettes Fuel from Agricultural wastes. (Work Completed in 2017 at CSIR-NEERI)

A Review on Machine Presses for Briquette Manufacturing. (Work completed in 2016 at CSIR-NEERI)


A feasibility Report for total Renewable Energy Solution for Isle of Great Cumbrae. (Work Completed in 2019 at the University of Glasgow)

Design and Analysis of CNG on a two-wheeler. (Work Completed in 2016 at University)


Tutor, Demonstrator and Marker

ENG1026: Engineering Skills 1 Mechanical 

ENG1026: Engineering Skills 1 Creativity

ENG2077: Engineering Skills 2

ENG1066: Thermodynamics 1

ENG3030: Fluid Mechanics  

ENG3034: Instrumentation And Data Systems M3

ENG3035: Design and Manufacture 3 

ENG5044: Integrated System Design Project  

Additional Information

  • Best Paper Award at ABEATS conference 8th December 2021 held at Glasgow, UK.
  • Best Oral Presenter at ABEATS conference 2nd December 2019 held at Bogor, Indonesia.
  • Excellence achieved in Academics Award, Bharati Vidhyapeeth, Pune presented by Dr Vishwajeet Kadam.