Volunteers wanted to walk for heart health

A call has gone out for men to help in the fight against heart disease.

Researchers at Glasgow University want to hear from men aged between 30 and 60, who are heavier than the ideal weight for their height and who don't smoke.

And their contribution could lead to a new understanding of how moderate exercise, such as brisk walking, can play a part in keeping everyone healthy.

Dr Jason Gill, from the Institute for Diet, Exercise and Lifestyle at the University said: "This study, which has been funded by the British Heart Foundation, will allow the volunteers to find out more about their level of physical fitness, the amount of cholesterol, sugar and insulin in their blood, the amount of body fat they are carrying and their dietary habits. All volunteers will receive detailed feedback and explanation of their own health and fitness data.

"Obesity is on the increase and now affects over twenty percent of the UK's adult population. The condition can lead to disturbances in the body's handling of fats, which in turn leads to a much greater risk of heart disease. Part of this disturbance is thought to be caused by the liver producing too many fatty particles.

"The current project aims to test whether the benefits of exercise in overweight and obese people are partly due to effects on the liver. Evidence like this could lead to increased use of exercise as a prescribed therapy."

Also working on the project are Dr Muriel Caslake from the Division of Cardiovascular Sciences and Iqbal AlShayji from the Institute for Diet, Exercise and Lifestyle.

Anyone interested in finding out more can go to http://www.gla.ac.uk/ibls/NBS/nbsstaff/jgill/fatmetastudy/

Funding for the study has come from the British Heart Foundation.

The charity's special grants are made every two months to fund research into the causes, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, Scotland's biggest killer. In 2005, the BHF awarded 143 project grants across the UK, totalling nearly £20 million.

Professor Jeremy Pearson, Associate Medical Director at the BHF, said: "Scientists working on BHF research are at the cutting edge of their fields, furthering our understanding of how to prevent, diagnose and treat heart and circulatory disease, our biggest killer.

"This new round of project grants is part of our £50 million annual spend on heart research ヨ more than any other UK body, public or private, spends in this crucial area. We are delighted that scientists in Glasgow are helping us in our efforts to beat heart disease."

Ray McHugh (r.mchugh@admin.gla.ac.uk)

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To volunteer for the study, please go to


First published: 15 November 2006