Why should I join?

Together we're stronger - that is the simple but effective message of the UNISON ad that has been running recently on television.

With more than 1.3 million members working across the public services, being part of UNISON means you have the full weight of Britain's biggest trade union behind you.

We have more workplace reps than any other union in the country - backed up by experienced full-time regional and national officers.

UNISON offers a raft of unrivalled benefits including legal protection, welfare services, pensions advice, education and training, health and safety guidance, special deals on holidays and insurance and a hotline for help and advice on workplace issues.

In the past few years our branch has dealt with a number of issues on behalf of our members including:
fixed term contracts, capability procedure, pensions, grievance, sickness & absence, discipline, job evaluation, redundancies and maternity leave. 
The branch would wish to highlight these issues and invite members who require further information or advice, to get in touch with the Unison Branch Office.

10 good reasons to join a union.

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