It is important in our roles to ensure that we quickly respond to the needs of students, colleagues and other stakeholders. Embedding change and improvements faster positively impacts the experience we all have at the University and helps make it a great place to learn and work.

This Modern Ways of Working website provides guidance on tools and techniques that can be used to overcome the challenges that may have been previously considered insurmountable. It provides information on the latest working practices designed to simplify and improve the delivery of change on both a small and large scale. Take a look at the sections below to find out more.

This website has been created to provide staff with a valuable resource to assist in facilitating change and delivering projects within their own business units. Should you wish to know more about any of the information provided or how you might be able to put it into practice we'd love to hear from you. Furthermore, if you identify any areas of the site that need to be developed further, have any great ideas or examples, or if you believe useful information is missing, please get in touch.

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