Reasons to join Residence Life

A male Living Support Assistant in a blue hoody playing pool


There are a number of fantastic benefits to joining the Residence Life Team:

Significant rent rebate

  • 60% rent rebate of a standard room, including bills, for Residence Life Assistants, rising to a 100% rebate of a standard room for Senior Residence Life Assistants.

High standard living conditions

  • You'll be staying in well maintained accommodation designed for students, with off-street parking, security, high speed internet, and 24 hour site staff who can assist with a wide range of issues,
  • No need to find a flatmate to share a private rented flat with as flatmates are allocated for you,
  • Dedicated staff flats for Senior Residence Life Assistants at some halls.

Extensive transferable training provided

  • Free extensive training provided in mental and physical health responding, dispute resolution, event organising, and more,
  • First Aid training and Mental Health First Aid training and certification provided,
  • Gain a wealth of transferable skills such as working as part of a team, communication and interpersonal skills, prioritisation and organisational skills, etc.

A great opportunity for career development

  • An interesting and valuable role to have on your CV, which will help you to stand out from other candidates,
  • Great opportunity for those who want a career that involves supporting others (mental and physical health professions, education, HE services, etc.), to develop skills relevant to those roles,
  • HEAR accredited, meaning the role appears on your University transcript.

A rewarding and social position

  • Many opportunities to meet new people and develop your social skills,
  • An important and rewarding role where you have the chance to help people and make an impact on the lives of your fellow students,
  • Great to be more involved in the vibrant UofG community,
  • Develop more confidence in your abilities and learn to think of your feet in challenging circumstances,
  • Access to staff support provided by Health Assured.

A flexible role specifically tailored for students

  • A part-time role specifically designed to fit around student life and sensitive to the demands of being a student.