Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

We know many of you have had difficulties finding accommodation this for this academic year, we hope you’re settling in well and enjoying your new home. Private renting can be a bit more complicated than UofG student accommodation, so make sure to check out Shelter Scotland or the SRC for information on your rights and how to stay safe while renting.

Many of you will be neighbours with other students and you will likely get on wellWhile we always suggest trying to build good and respectful relationships with your neighbours (remember to introduce yourself when you can, they’ll be taking your parcels in for you!), we know that sometimes there are  issues that can’t be solved without external support. While you are in UofG accommodation, you can report issues to your Living Support Team or wardens, but in private accommodation this is done via your local Council . For students living in Glasgow, you can make a noise complaint, or report other anti-social behaviour on Glasgow City Council’s website.

We trust all our students to be good neighbours and don’t want these complaints to be made about you, so remember to try and  keep noise to a minimum between the hours of 11pm and 7am.

For other issues, the University has a range of support services available to you and we are here to help you in the year ahead














First published: 16 September 2021

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