The Go Abroad programme, including an Erasmus+ study exchange or traineeship, is an approved and recognised part of your studies at the University of Glasgow. You remain registered on a degree programme at University of Glasgow for the period that you are abroad.

Who can go?

  • Most undergraduate students can go on exchange. Exceptions include Dentistry, Medicine and Vet Medicine - these may have alternative international opportunities; contact your College or School office for details.
  • Most undergraduate students go in their 3rd year of their studies. For those studying a Science, 2nd year may be more appropriate.
  • You must meet any academic requirements from your school. For undergraduate students, this normally means that you will progress to Honours in your degree subject areas.
  • To be eligible for Erasmus+ you must not exceed a total of 12 months of Erasmus+ activity over the course of your current degree.
  • Postgraduate students may also be able to study or work abroad if this is recognised as part of your degree, and an exchange agreement for your subject area and level is in place.
    Note: most 12-month PGT programmes do NOT support a study/ work abroad period. Please check this with the course convenor if you are not sure.

Erasmus+ specific criteria

  • The total duration of the Erasmus+ mobility period shall not exceed 12 months, including any zero grant period. 
  • Students may undertake up to 12 months mobility for each cycle of higher education: undergraduate (including short cycle), masters, doctorate. 
  • Students can undertake numerous mobilities.

Non-EU nationals 

We welcome applications from all University of Glasgow students. If you are non-EU national you should also ensure that you can comply both with UK visa requirements and visa requirements at the host institution. Note that study exchange is not normally available to return to your home country. 

Direct entry

If you entered your degree directly into second year it may still be possible for you to apply for the Go Abroad programme. The process may be different depending on which School you study with.

For example: Students who have attended Glasgow International College (GIC) and are now registered as students at the University of Glasgow are eligible to apply with their subject coordinator's approval.

Widening participation and students with specific support needs

We support the participation of students with a diverse range of backgrounds and academic or other support needs. 

Mature students

Many mature students have successfully gone abroad through our programme.

Part-time students

We welcome applications from part-time students however you must study full time for the duration you are abroad.