What is professional registration?

The status the Technicians deserve...

For almost every profession you can think of, there is a professional body. Their remit is to uphold the standards expected of someone working in their profession and provide their members with ongoing support and opportunities for skills development. Once someone becomes a member of a professional body, they can usually request to be assessed and judged against strict criteria of skills and abilities to determine if they can be added to a list or register of professionals performing at a high standard. In the same way an accountant who has been added to the register of chartered accountants can add the post-nominals CA after their name, technicians working in engineering, science and IT can be assessed by the professional body of which they are a member to determine if they meet the standards to use the post-nominal Registered Science Technician (RSciTech), Engineering Technician (EngTech) or Registered IT Technician (RITTech).

Some may have undertaken a degree, whilst others will have completed an apprenticeship, a vocational qualification, such as a BTEC Extended Diploma for example, or have developed comprehensive skills and knowledge ‘on the job’. The paths that skilled technicians take may be varied, but there is one thing that they all have in common – they are professionals with high levels of skills and knowledge. Professional registration is proof that a technician, no matter the route they have taken, is a person that is trusted to do a skilled, important job. Whether it’s an employer or a recruiter; a customer or a colleague – those who meet a registered technician can be assured they are dealing with an accomplished professional.

Why we need registered technicians

  • Tackling The Skills Shortage 
    • The UK needs at least 700,000 new technicians by 2020 – professional registration demonstrates that these are high-status, vital jobs that capable people should pursue.
  • Addressing Recruitment Issues 
    • Over a third of firms who employ technicians are expecting recruitment issues over the next three years – offering professional registration support is a key draw for potential recruits.
  • Driving Up Standards
    • Technicians do jobs that demand ever-greater accuracy and skill – professional registration across the workforce drives up standards and capability.