Lord Kelvin 200 campaign

This year the University is celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of William Thomson, otherwise known as Lord Kelvin.

Lord Kelvin is one of the most prominent figures in the University’s history, having held the chair of Natural Philosophy for 53 years, and his influence is still felt through the inventions, innovation and inspiration which shaped the world in which we live.

The University will celebrate his life and legacy through a series of events and reflections over the course of this year.

The following campaign assets have been developed to support your communications about the anniversary.



Anniversary badge

Guidelines for use:

  • Position: should appear below the University marque (logo) and placed bottom right
  • Size: should appear smaller than the University marque (logo) and the height should align with the World Changing Glasgow tab/stacked message (where applicable)
  • Usage: permitted to be used for the remainder of 2024

The badge is available in JPEG, EPS & PNG formats. It can be downloaded from the University's pink photo library or requested by emailing brand@glasgow.ac.uk.

PowerPoint template

We've developed a Lord Kelvin 200 PowerPoint template featuring the anniversary badge and images relating to Lord Kelvin and his work.


Images to support your communications are available from the University's pink photo library. Options include photos of Lord Kelvin, his letters and other archive material, exhibits in the Hunterian Museum, and campus images such as the blue plaque outside 11 Professors' Square and Kelvin's clock.

If you do not have access to the relevant photo library, please email brand@glasgow.ac.uk.


The Lord Kelvin 200 webpages provide information about Lord Kelvin's life and achievements, anniversary events, Lord Kelvin and the University campus, reflections from our academics and related study opportunities.


We've collated information about Lord Kelvin, including a timeline of his life and scientific achievements, that you can draw from to inform your communications.  



If colleagues are planning any events of their own, please contact the External Relations Events Team who can assist in listing events in the programme externalrelations-events@glasgow.ac.uk.



If you are hosting visitors on the Gilmorehill campus, you may wish to reference the anniversary at the following locations:

  • The Hunterian Museum hosts a permanent display dedicated to the life and work of Lord Kelvin - 'Lord Kelvin: Revolutionary Scientist' is located on the balcony level of the main hall.
  • 11 Professors' Square was the home of Lord Kelvin and a clock that formed part of Kelvin's research can still be seen in the entrance to the building.
  • The Memorial Gates on University Avenue honour 29 outstanding individuals of the University's first 500 years - Lord Kelvin is among those named on the gates.

More information about these locations can be found on the Lord Kelvin 200 webpages.

There may also be events or temporary exhibitions taking place that coincide with visits to the campus.



Media enquiries about the anniversary can be sent to Ross Barker in the Marketing & Communications team: ross.barker@glasgow.ac.uk.