Academic Advice in Social Sciences

Students in Social Sciences can make an appointment or come to a class with the Effective Learning Adviser for the College (or her Graduate Teaching Assistants) to talk about anything related to their academic work. Common topics include:

  • academic writing (essays, dissertations, research proposals)
  • argumentation
  • engagement with literature, referencing and using/critiquing sources
  • time and project management
  • effective, evidence-based study and revision methods

Our classes currently take two complementary forms: a Core Class and a Spotlight Session. The Core Class introduces all the key aspects of the week’s topic, while the Spotlight Session provides space for a more in-depth focus on a specific aspect of the week’s topic.

2022-23 Summer PGT Class Timetable - Arts and Social Sciences

Book a meeting to speak with an adviser online

We can advise you on current unmarked work, including helping you in how you:

  • interpret the question
  • think about your argument
  • plan your essay
  • research and use your sources
  • write and edit your work

We can advise you within the context of your subject, but are unable to advise on specific content. Similarly, we encourage your ability to edit and assess your work and, therefore, cannot offer proof reading.

We can also advise you on past assignments, and their feedback, to help you to use that feedback to improve your writing.

Dr Elina Koristashevskaya

Elina joined LEADS in 2017. Her research background is in English Language & Linguistics, English Literature, and Politics. Her PhD is in English Language, with a focus on computer-assisted semantic annotation of corpora. 

Teaching Requests

Elina currently lectures on undergraduate and postgraduate degrees across the College of Social Sciences. To find out what teaching she can offer on your course, email her or call her in her office.

Introduction to Elina