Academic Advice in Science & Engineering

Students in Science & Engineering can make an appointment or come to a class with the Effective Learning Adviser for the College (or one of his Graduate Teaching Assistants) to talk about anything related to their academic work. Common topics include:

  • academic writing (essays, lab reports, research proposals)
  • critical analysis
  • scientific presentations
  • time and project management
  • effective, evidence-based study and revision methods

Pre-recorded classes and online materials

Academic Development

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Title Description
Lectures, labs, and tutorials  We discuss how to approach your classes in a strategic way so that you get the most out this valuable time with your lecturers. 
Working in groups  Group work is an integral part of many degree courses. This class will show you how to get the most out of assessed and informal group work.
Exam revision strategies We will show you the best revision strategies, and how to combine them to the best effect in the weeks before an exam. 
Avoiding procrastination Procrastination is normal! But this class will help if you feel that it is getting in the way of your studies.


Science Writing: Fundamentals

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Title Description
Planning and structuring an essay  A well structured essay will ensure that your writing is clear and concise with logical flow. In this class, we'll look at how to plan your essay and structure your argument.
Lab report writing  A lab report usually follows a standard format, with each section of the report fulfilling a unique job. We'll work through these sections and tell you what the expectations are for each.
Reflective writing In many science degrees (particularly in clinical subjects) you are required to reflect on your practice and communicate your learning. We'll look at how to write reflectively for an academic audience. 
Referencing and plagiarism This class will show you how to cite according to the University's requirements so that your writing is professional and credible.


James Rowe

James is the Effective Learning Adviser for the College of Science and Engineering, working within Student Learning Development (SLD). He has a MMath from the University of St Andrews. His PhD is in category theory and algebraic geometry, studying at the University of Glasgow.

Teaching Requests

James currently lectures on several degrees across Science & Engineering. To find out what teaching he can offer on your course, get in touch by email.

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