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Before you make an appointment, have a look at our open class and drop-in schedules, and our Moodle resources. These may answer your question.

If not, choose the relevant appointment type and book a slot below.

Maths and stats

Maths advice

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Appointments will be taken by the Maths Adviser or by one of their teaching assistants.

These 30-min slots are suitable if you only have a few specific questions, or if you would just like to chat about maths study skills.

These 60-min slots are suitable if there is a whole topic you are struggling with, or if you would like to come as a small group.

Stats advice

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Appointments will be taken by the Stats Adviser or by one of their teaching assistants.

If no appointments are available, check back after a few days as new appointments are added weekly.

Writing and study advice

With a more senior student

We offer appointments for 1st and 2nd year undergraduate students to talk with a peer writing adviser about getting your essay started, or about preparing and studying for your exams.

Choose this appointment type if you:

  • are a 1st or 2nd year undergraduate
  • are trying to get started on your work, or...
  • are looking for advice on approaching your exam, and interpreting your exam questions
  • want some advice from someone who's recently been in the same situation as you

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All appointments take place in person.


For all international students

International students from all colleges can make an appointment or attend one of our classes to talk about anything related to their academic development, skills, and writing.  

We can advise on understanding and developing in the academic context at the University of Glasgow, for example understanding assignment criteria and core concepts like ‘criticality’. We also offer advice and resources on academic skills such as effective reading, presentations, intercultural group work, and academic writing.  

We can advise you on current unmarked work, including helping you in how you: 

  • plan your assignment 
  • research and use your sources 
  • develop your argument 
  • write and edit your work 
  • maintain academic integrity and avoid plagiarism 

We can advise you within the context of your subject, but we're unable to advise on specific content. Similarly, we will encourage your ability to edit and assess your work and, therefore, cannot offer proof reading. 

We can also advise you on past assignments, and their feedback, to help you to use that feedback to improve your writing. 

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Appointments will be taken by one of the Effective Learning Advisers for International Students or by one of their teaching assistants.

By College

Common topics include:

  • academic writing (essays, lab reports, research proposals)
  • reading academic literature in your subject
  • critical analysis
  • academic presentations
  • time and project management
  • effective, evidence-based study and revision methods

Book an appointment

All appointments take place online (Zoom).

Appointments will be taken by the Effective Learning Adviser for the relevant College or by one of their teaching assistants.