5. School Procedure After the Interview

20. The member of support staff should draft a letter to the student from the Head of School based on the notes taken at the interview. Various standard letters are attached  from which the most appropriate can be selected and used as a template. The letter should then be approved and signed by the Head of School and marked confidential.

21. The letter should be copied to the member of staff who made the initial report and to the Chief Adviser of the student’s home College.

22. Where it has been judged that an offence has occurred, the letter must also be copied to the Senate Office. In order to ensure a full and accurate record is kept in the Senate Office, a completed Plagiarism Interview Report Form should be attached to the copy of the letter. The form is attached as Appendix 3.

23. Where the reduction in marks is less than a reduction to Grade H or where it has been determined that there is no offence, the Head of School should now arrange for the work to be marked.

24. The Head of School needs to inform the Board of Examiners of the reduction in marks. The Board must accept the Head of School’s decision, as it does not have the authority to revisit or alter academic penalties imposed under the process set out in the University’s Plagiarism Statement. The External Examiner can be advised that the reduction has been made for conduct reasons but no further details should be revealed.

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