1. Introduction

These guidelines have been developed to provide Heads of School and their colleagues with additional guidance to that in the University Regulations. The procedures below are promoted as good practice for dealing with cases of suspected plagiarism and are based on those followed by the Senate Assessors for Student Conduct.

Student should be interviewed as soon as possible after discovery of the issue to minimise stress to the students and also to allow them the opportunity to be advised about plagiarism before submitting any further work.

All cases involving Honours and postgraduate students should be referred to the Senate Assessors for Student Conduct and Schools should not interview those students. The exception to this is where the alleged plagiarism is extremely trivial (i.e. one or two lines in total) but advice should be sought from the Senate Office first. Occasionally, the Senate Office may return a case to the School for consideration, if the Senior Senate Assessor decided the matter can be dealt with in this way.

2. On discovery of suspected plagiarism