Learning and Teaching Committee Remit

It is the role of the Learning & Teaching Committee (LTC) to advise Education Policy & Strategy Committee on educational strategy and resource issues in relation to the development and enhancement of the University’s Learning and Teaching activities as detailed in the Learning & Teaching Strategy.

The remit of the Learning & Teaching Committee is to identify and recommend implementation of good practice in relation to Learning and Teaching, with reference to the development and delivery of key themes identified in the Learning &  Teaching Strategy and to facilitate the ongoing refinement and / or development of efficient and effective means of delivering change.

Specifically to:

  • Be a source of expertise in Learning and Teaching matters to assist Education Policy & Strategy Committee in the development of the Learning and Teaching and associated Strategies, by providing input to the ongoing development and review of the Strategy and taking responsibility for the implementation of actions as delegated by EdPSC;
  • To advise and guide Colleges in implementation of College Learning & Teaching Plans and to provide a forum for sharing and integrating plans across Colleges;
  • Adopt a horizon scanning role by monitoring activity across the sector (e.g. conferences, quality enhancement themes, Higher Education Academy, etc.) to ensure Education Policy & Strategy Committee and Colleges are well prepared for new opportunities and future challenges in learning and teaching;
  • Highlight and promote innovations in learning, teaching and assessment which enhance the student learning experience, promote effective and efficient use of resource and develop the University’s provision in ways that:
    • Are innovative, attractive, accessible, flexible, viable and sustainable;
    • Attract, accommodate and retain students with talent and potential from diverse backgrounds;
    • Promote the employability of students;
  • Support and facilitate the effective delivery of change and adoption of innovations in learning, teaching and assessment; develop and maintain effective communications between staff and students in the Colleges and the senior University level Committees;
  • Have oversight of the University’s professional development training programmes and responsibility for developing institutional practice and policy in relation to the professional development of Teaching staff with regard to the enhancement of their skills in learning, teaching, and assessment;
  • Be responsible for review and monitoring of the Learning & Teaching Development Fund;
  • Be responsible for reviewing, developing and progressing the implementation of the Learning & Teaching strategies and NSS action plans.


  • Assistant Vice-Principal (Learning & Teaching) (Convener)
  • Four Deans (Learning & Teaching) one for each College
  • Three College representatives covering both undergraduate and postgraduate level
  • Director of Learning Enhancement & Academic Development Service (Deputy Director to attend in Director's absence)
  • Director of Open Studies
  • Head of Careers Service
  • Convener of VLE Board
  • University Library Representative
  • SRC Vice President (Education)
  • Four SRC Subject Conveners (one from each College)

Note: From time to time, ad hoc working groups, chaired by members of the committee, will be used to progress key issues. It is anticipated that a member will convene one such group during a four-year term of appointment.

In Attendance
Colleagues, in particular Heads of Services and additional School representatives, for any relevant items arising.

A Member of the Senate Office.

Membership of Learning and Teaching Committee 2013-14