Student Representation and My Class Reps

We are working in partnership with the SRC to deliver an effective and coherent system of student representation; the contributions of our Class and PGR Representatives are essential for us to enhance the student learning experience.

We set out a number of overarching principles:

  • All students have the right to representation at the SSLC
  • All Class and PGR Representatives have the right to attend training offered by GUSRC
  • Recognition of training and completion of the role will be provided on the HEAR

Student Representation is an annual process that involves:

  • Schools and Research Institutes conducting elections of Class and PGR Reps
  • Schools and Research Institutes recording their student representatives in My Class Reps
  • Student Representatives undertaking GUSRC training
  • Schools and Research Institutes holding a minimum of two Staff-Student Liaison Committees per year
  • Schools and Research Institutes confirming completion of the role on My Class Reps
  • GUSRC confirming attendance at training (in the current or previous three academic years)
  • Senate Office recording recognition on the student’s transcript.
  • The Code of Practice on Student Representation and Guidance on the Operation of Staff-Student Liaison Committees gives you an overview of the processes and lays out staff and students responsibilities.

My Class Reps (formerly Student Voice) was introduced in 2013 to enhance student representation - for staff and students - by improving the administration and management of representation and allowing students to interact easily with their representatives.

The University of Glasgow is committed to receiving and responding to student feedback in order to monitor and enhance the quality of the student experience within the institution.


We provide you with ready-made ‘The Role of a Class or PGR Representative’ introductory materials for informing students and a Becoming Class or PGR Representative powerpoint for recruiting student representatives. This information should be circulated to academic colleagues by School My Class Reps Contacts.

You are allowed to elect student representatives in any way you like - by show of hands, by using moodle quiz or survey monkey functionality. The important thing is that all students should be able to put themselves forward for election and all students should be able to participate in the vote.

Recording Reps

School My Class Reps Contacts are required to add student representatives to My Class Reps to confirm the students elected as soon as possible after elections are completed and to confirm the successful completion of the role (or not) when requested by Senate Office.

You are also responsible for raising awareness of GUSRC training. Visit the SRC website for guidance and information on training and how students can sign-up.

In order for students to have their time as a representative recorded on their Higher Education Achievement Report, they are required to have been recorded on My Class Reps, to have attended SRC Training, to have completed the annual, online feedback questionnaire on their experience as a representative and for the School to have confirmed that they completed the role satisfactorily. Provided all information is update on My Class Reps timeously this process works effectively.

Supporting My Class Reps

School My Class Reps Contacts are expected to support the use of My Class Reps through recording of representatives and through posting of regular information such as SSLC minutes or agendas, outcomes from student feedback mechanisms (course questionnaires, focus groups etc.)

A full account of responsibilities and guidance and support information can be found on My Class Reps.

Additional Information