Academic Standards Committee Programme Approval Group (PAG)

An Academic Standards Committee Programme Approval Group (PAG) will be formed when necessary to consider more complex proposals. For example:

  • Transnational education (TNE) proposals that do not follow an existing model.
  • Some proposals for collaborative programmes.
  • Proposals for non-standard provision or where the College is uncertain as to whether the proposal complies with University policy.

Not every proposal in these categories may need to be considered by a PAG, and guidance should be sought on an individual case basis from Senate Office ( and/or the Academic Collaborations Office (

Where a PAG needs to be formed to consider a proposal, this will be comprised of members drawn from Academic Standards Committee and a clerk from the Senate Office. A member of the College will be invited to attend the PAG to advise on the details of the proposal and to answer any questions members may have.

Colleges must ensure that they do not approve the programme proposal and make it live in PIP prior to final approval by the PAG.