Prizes and Scholarships

The University of Glasgow awards a number of prizes and scholarships to students each year.

Over 300 prizes and scholarships have been set up by alumni, donors and former staff to recognise and celebrate excellence in research, distinction in extra- or co-curricular activities or particular achievements by students in categories such as students from the local area.

The prizes come in many different forms: medals, cups, financial awards. Scholarships and bursaries tend to be small pots of money intended as a reward or as a support through a student’s studies.


Most of the prizes, bursaries and scholarships detailed here are awarded on the recommendation of Heads of Departments, Faculties or Boards of Examiners.

In the case of prizes or other awards marked with a *, students (or in certain cases, staff) must apply individually.

The following notes apply to all University prizes, bursaries and scholarships:

Value: The values attached to awards are approximate. The Senate or the Patrons can alter the amount of the award or, in some cases, withhold it if there is no suitable nominee. ‘Total value’ indicates the total amount available to fund one or more awards.

Endowment accounts: 'see note' indicates that an award is funded through an endowment account and the interest it receives. Therefore the funding available for these awards can sometimes change from year to year, depending upon interest rates and the stock market.

Tenure: ‘two: £45 x 4’ indicates two awards of £45, each available for four years.

Preferences: When the terms state that preference to be given to a certain class of candidate, such preference will be given on the basis of all other factors being equal.

With a few exceptions (which will appear in the regulations), more than one bursary or scholarship cannot be held at the same time, without the permission of the Senate.

It should be noted that non-graduating students are not eligible for the awards.

List of Prizes

A full list of prizes in alphabetical order is available:

  • Prizes List [To be updated]

Alternatively, prizes are broken down into awarding College and Schools [NB pages to be updated]:

  • College of Arts
  • College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Science
  • College of Science and Engineering
  • College of Social Sciences
  • Scotland's Rural College
  • The Chaplaincy

Other Sources of Funding

Other funding is available from the Unviersity Scholarship support.  Full information on scholarships, requirements, methods for application are available:

Students in financial difficulty may also be eligible for emergency funding or support:

Setting Up or Amending an Award

For various reasons, Schools and Colleges may wish to amend the criteria for one or more of their prizes. We are legally obliged to adhere to the terms set out by the Donor and honour their intentions – and so a process must be gone through if these terms are to be changed.

In all cases, changes will only be agreed if it can be shown that it is no longer possible or appropriate to make the award using the existing terms.  In some cases, the original terms allow minor amendments e.g. with the permission of the University Court.  In other cases, we may approach the donor (or trustee) to seek permission to make the change. When no donor or trustee can be contacted we must seek permission from the Court of Session to make the change.

To query a change or discuss options please contact Helen Clegg.