Policy on Student Surveys

Policy detailing the mechanisms for requesting approval to conduct a survey with students.

Policy and Guidelines

The University recognises the importance of surveying its students for institutional and research purposes. However, the University needs to control the number of times students are asked to participate in surveys each year to ensure questionnaire fatigue is minimised. In order to achieve this, formal approval is required before the University’s students are invited to participate in any survey that is not a “University Supported” project. Formal approval should be sought prior to the project being initiated and prior to any application for external funding.

This requirement applies to the following:

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students undertaking a taught project
  • Postgraduate Research students undertaking a thesis
  • Externally-funded research project leaders
  • External organisations

Further information can be found here.

For the Attention of

University staff or external organisations seeking to survey any group of the University’s students.

Approval and Amendments

Date effective: Session 2012-13

Approved by: EdPSC, 24 October 2012