Wednesday Afternoon Sporting Activities

Policy and Guidelines

The Education Committee Working Group on Sporting Issues found that the increasing amount of teaching being timetabled on Wednesday afternoons had compromised the decision by Senate (reiterated in March 1990) that Wednesday afternoons should be kept free for recreational pursuits. The Working Group made a number of recommendations, which were approved by Education Committee:

(i) That the University reiterates its commitment to encouraging participation in sport and recreational activities, along with volunteering and activities that will aid the personal development of students;

(ii) That the University acknowledges that the increase in the number of scheduled classes has eroded the tradition on Wednesday afternoons* being free of classes to permit students to engage in sport and recreational activities;

(iii) Classes should not normally be timetabled on Wednesday afternoons except in cases where alternative meetings of the class at other times in the week are open to students;

 (iv) That, where this is impossible, Schools be encouraged to support students who miss scheduled classes due to clashes with their sporting commitments, where these are confirmed by certification from GUSA or SRS;

(v) That all learning material from any class on a Wednesday afternoon should be made available online, including Moodle, to all students;

(vi) That advice and support guidelines be developed by GUSA and SRS for distribution to students and Colleges.


* In this context, afternoon would be from 12 noon onwards.

Approval and Amendments

Approved by: Council of Senate, 17 April 2014
Reported to: Council of Senate, 17 April 2014