External Examiners - Professional Examiners

Policy and Guidelines

Education Committee agreed that a professional examiner with appropriate experience should not, in principle, be excluded from exercising responsibility as sole External Examiner for any given course. Consequently, it agreed to amend Paragraph 29 of the Code of Assessment by the following provisions, and that the existing paragraphs (ii) and (iii) should be renumbered (iv) and (v).

20.29 External Examiners shall

i. hold an academic or professional post of an appropriate level of seniority.
ii. possess substantial prior experience of assessment at equivalent levels on behalf of institutions judged to be delivering and making awards of comparable standards. Exceptionally a professional nominee who lacks the required prior experience may be appointed provided at least one experienced External Examiner is also appointed for the same course of module.
iii. be appointed in accordance with the University's agreed procedures (see Section XXXI).

Approval and Amendments

Approved by: Education Committee, 12 May 2004
Reported to: Senate, 10 June 2004