21.1  For each examination the Director of Registry shall name invigilators as prescribed by Senate and shall be responsible for informing invigilators of their period and conditions of duty, including the obligation to be present a minimum of 15 minutes before the examination begins. The Director of Registry shall ensure that each invigilator has a copy of the Rules for Invigilation.

21.2  Arrangements for examinations for students with examination adjustmenets should be made in accordance with the rules relating to Examination and other Assessment Arrangements for Students with Disabilities (§24.1 - §24.18). This includes the requirement on Heads of School to make any special invigilation arrangements which have been approved. 

21.3  The Rules of Invigilation (Regulation 22) shall be available to all invigilators at the Examination Halls and must be followed by all invigilators. Notes of Guidance give invigilators further guidance on the application of the Rules.

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