Use of Electronic Calculators by Students in Examinations

20.1 No calculator, nor any other portable electronic device, may be used by a candidate in an examination unless this is expressly authorised by the Head of the School responsible for the examination. This authorisation will specify the type of calculator or other device authorised. Candidates shall normally be notified of the terms of this authorisation by published notice on School notice board(s), and by other means as appropriate, confirmed by a statement in the instructions to candidates in the examination concerned.

20.2 In determining whether to authorise the use of calculators or other devices and­ the specification and/or make(s) and model(s) to be authorised, the Head of School shall take account of the object and design of the examination in question, and of an overarching requirement to safeguard the integrity of the examination and ensure that no candidate derives unfair advantage, nor is unfairly disadvantaged, as a consequence.[1]

[1] Any change in this regulation requires the prior agreement of the Senate.

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