Rectorial Election - 2017

The University of Glasgow has received the following nominations for the next election of the Rector.

Aamer Anwar
Dr Leif Azzopardi (withdrawn)
Brace Belden
Sir Vince Cable
Lady Hazel Cosgrove
Graeme Eddolls (withdrawn)
Thomas Hind
John Lindberg
Duncan Logie
Professor Jordan Peterson
Jonathan JJ Tease
Milo Yiannopolous

All nominees have personally agreed to take part in the election which will be conducted electronically and under the single-transferable-vote system ( from 9am on 20 March until 4pm on 21 March 2017.


Dear Student,

The University is calling for nominations for the University Rector. The Rector is elected by registered students of the University and the main role of the Rector is to represent the interests of the University's students. The current Rector is Edward Snowden and his term of office finishes in April 2017.

Nominations are to be submitted to the Nomination Court by 12pm on Friday 3 March 2017. Submissions must be made in hard copy to the Senate Office or nominated office for students studying away from the Main Gilmorehill Campus.

The election will be conducted electronically from 9am on 20 March until 4pm on 21 March 2017.

The following forms and notices are attached:-

Election of Rector (a notice from the Secretary of the University Court);
Nomination Procedures (directions from the Clerk of Senate);
Conditions and Procedures for the Election (directions from the Clerk of Senate);
Form of Nomination;
Form of Agreement (signed by sponsors);
The Rector (a note on the Rector’s role from the Secretary of the University Court)


Professor John Briggs
Clerk of Senate and Vice Principal