What is WriteFest?

November is Academic Writing Month - known as WriteFest - an annual academic write-a-thon inspired by NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), but catering to the specific needs of academic writers. At the University of Glasgow, the goal for WriteFest is to encourage all academics, research staff, and research students to join in and plan for, make progress on, and celebrate writing.

WriteFest began at the University of Sheffield, but it has since grown and events are now held by universities across the UK. The festival aims to provide protected time and space for writing and has four main themes:

Habits: Develop good writing practices and strategies.

Blocks: Overcome blocks with proactive approaches.

Protect: Protect academic writing as part of the working day.

Social: Spend time out writing with others.

This year, Glasgow will be offering a range of sessions, from online writing retreats where you can focus on your own goals, to workshops on using various new techniques to inform your approach: ideas from creative non-fiction; using tech and apps to structure your writing time and support your work; academic blogging, and much more.

We have created an online resource which gives more detail about what's on, how to sign up, and how to get the most from the month.

See the full programme and book.

We'll be using the hashtag #UofGWriteFest on Twitter to discuss writing and share progress - and will be talking all things writing throughout the month.