Statistical patterns in river water chemistry to inform Environment Agency monitoring review

Prof Claire Miller (PI), Prof Marian Scott, School of Mathematics and Statistics

Statistical software applications have been developed by researchers at Glasgow in partnership with the Environment Agency to identify spatiotemporal patterns in river water chemistry and biology over an entire river network.

The River Trent was used as case study to develop a fully scalable approach. The results of this work are being used to inform strategic monitoring review of all river water quality monitoring sites across England. The outcomes from this project will help the Environment Agency quantitatively evaluate the ability of a smaller river water quality monitoring network to provide relevant indicators of water status and change over time for reporting to European authorities. The Environment Agency need to understand the risk to their ability to make these evaluations from reduced networks.

The work has the potential to make a significant contribution to the £5-8million of cost savings that must be made to the Environment Agency’s environmental monitoring budget.

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