Why protect my research outputs?

There are plenty of reasons to obtain intellectual property protection for your invention. Here are just a few:

Make an impact

Whether you aim to make medical treatments more effective or computers faster, your research could ultimately have a positive impact on people’s lives. Research grants and peer-reviewed journal articles are good ways to share your results with your colleagues.  Research Councils and other funders are increasingly requiring researcher's to demonstrate the benefit of their work to the wider community.  Such routes often require intellectual property protection so that the interested parties (a company, for example) can bring the technology to the public — and profit from their investment in developing it. Patenting your research may be the best way to get it out to the world.

Advance your career

Over the past few years, major research-led universities like the University of Glasgow have been placing an increasing amount of importance on academic technology transfer. Whether you’re just starting out as a researcher or you’ve been around for a while, protecting and exploiting your technology could be an exciting new frontier for you to tackle in your career — and to add to your CV.

Generate new funding

A successful invention could prompt the existing licensee to fund additional research in your department for years to come. It might even help to attract other industrial interest.

Fulfil requirements

If your invention was made under a research agreement or a grant, the agreement terms may require you to disclose it to the funder. The  Policy also requires the disclosure of new inventions by University of Glasgow inventors. We realise that researchers need to use their best judgment when deciding when, and whether, to disclose a new idea, and we are happy to discuss your ideas with you if you’re not certain whether to disclose. To talk to us, call 0141 330 4266.

Reward yourself

Not every invention results in royalty payments, but those of yours that do may earn quite a bit of money for you or for your College. See page 8 of the  for details of the University’s revenue share terms.