Intellectual Property Management

Every day, discoveries are made that have the potential to improve the world around us. Research develops our understanding of the way things work, creates new treatments for all manner of diseases, produces new materials and processes for their manufacture, and makes the development of new products for everyday use possible.  All of these research outputs generate intellectual property. But the work does not stop there.

Many of the things we use every day — from the equipment used in hospitals to mobile phones — started out as ideas developed in a university setting. So, it’s no surprise that intellectual property has become an important part of the academic world.

By ensuring protection for your research outputs, RSIO serves as a valuable resource for the University of Glasgow’s inventors. Read on for more information about how RSIO can support you and your research.

If you think you have invented something, your first port of call should be RSIO through the Invention Disclosure Form .

Please contact Mel Anderson at or alternatively telephone him on 0141 330 4266 for further information.