The Conversation

The Conversation is an online source of short articles written by academics for the public.  Academic experts and professional journalists collaborate to produce, high quality explanatory journalism aimed at engaging the wider public with research.  To date almost 180 University of Glasgow authors have published articles attracting 6 million global readers.

Why should I get involved?

  • Reach and visibility - benefit from an established platform and readership. The Conversation has more than 5 million active users with a potential reach of 35 million readers through republication. Over 80% of readers are non-academic, many in government and policy-making roles.
  • Knowledge exchange and societal impact - engage the public in conversations about research and make an impact on public policy
  • Open up new routes for collaboration - republication in mass-media outlets increases visibility and potential for collaboration
  • Write with professional editors to make your research more accessible to a wide readership
  • Get a personalised dashboard with number of reads, geographical location of readers and republication data

How do I get involved?

Steven Vass (, the Scottish Editor and Jane Wright (jane.wright@the, Commissioning Editor are the contacts for researchers at the University of Glasgow.  They can give you tips on pitching and work with you on pieces for publication.