Post-publication repositories

The University requires all staff who are designated as the lead University of Glasgow author for journal articles or conference proceedings to notify the library of accepted publications. This notification should take place as soon as the article has been accepted for publication. The library will place your author final version of the manuscript into Enlighten, the University’s research output repository.

Publication of your work is not the end of the process – quite the opposite. To ensure the maximum reach and impact of your research you should promote your publication through a variety of channels and tools, two such channels are ResearchGate and Both channels are free to join and allow you to connect with other researchers and share and discover new research – in some fields these academic social networking sites are the primary tools for others to find your research.

Prior to uploading any author final manuscript to an external repository ensure that you check (and comply with) the journal copyright conditions – some journals will allow sharing of research at any time, others apply embargo periods or restrictions on sharing via university, non-commercial and commercial repositories and social media. Importantly, social networking sites, including ResearchGate and are not classed as Open Access repositories for the purpose of the Research Excellence Framework and you must use Enlighten to ensure your publications will be eligible.