Dental Student Support Grant (DSSG)

Dental Student Support Grant (DSSG)

Dental students enrolled at the University of Glasgow have the opportunity to apply for the Dental Student Support Grant (DSSG), which provides £4,000 annually from the second year onwards to alleviate the financial burden of their studies.

Only students commencing their BDS degree in the academic session 2017/18 or later are eligible to apply for the DSSG.

How to Apply

  1. Access detailed information and the application form on the Scottish Government's official webpages.
  2. Complete the application form thoroughly.
  3. Submit applications exclusively via email to Please note that applications or evidence sent by post cannot be processed.

Application Information

The deadline for applications for this academic year (2023/24) was Friday, 8 December 2023. Keep an eye on these webpages to find out when you can apply for the next academic year.

Applications will only be considered from students who have completed Registration for the new academic year by Friday, 1 September 2024.

Payment Information

  • Successful applicants will receive two instalments of £2,000 each, disbursed at the end of September and the end of January (with variation for late applications). Payments will be directly processed through Financial Aid on MyCampus.
  • All recipients of the DSSG are required to enter their bank details on MyCampus to facilitate payment.
  • Applications submitted by Wednesday, 3 September 2024 will be processed in time for the initial payment on Friday, 27 September 2024. Applications received later will be processed as promptly as possible, although payment may take up to 4 weeks due to the scheduling of our banking system.