About the Financial Aid Team

The Financial Aid Team are responsible for the management and administration of over £37 million of funds each year that are provided to University of Glasgow students from a variety of sources including the UK Government and United States Department of Education.  Registry Financial Aid is a small team comprising of five members of staff working a mixture of full-time and part-time hours.

As well as administering the funds detailed below the team also manage the weekly and monthly BACS run processes, which facilitates payments to funded students via the MyCampus system.  A typical monthly BACS run provides over £2 million of funding to University of Glasgow students.

The funds available via the Financial Aid Team are intended to benefit as many of our eligible students as possible and allow them to complete their studies at the University of Glasgow.  Each academic session, the Financial Aid team organises the provision of financial support and funding to over 4,000 students.

Historical Hardship Fund and Discretionary Fund figures.

Alan McConnell (Financial Aid Manager) December 2018 interview with Ann Luk, for the PGR Blog.