Procurement Team

Procurement Team

Procurement Team

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Vision, Mission and Value Proposition


We aspire to be in the upper quartile of High Performance Procurement teams in the private and public sector.

Mission Statement

To be an innovative and progressive change agent to deliver effective transformation to maximise opportunity for academic success.

Road Map

Our roadmap is a strategic 5 year plan divided into 3 phases.

Phase 1  - Creation of the procurement structure.

Phase 2 -  Develop skill set.

Phase 3  - Excellent high quality output. 

Value Proposition

We support the University in achieving its strategic vision by delivering professional procurement solutions to our stakeholders who include management, academics, researchers and students through our 8 core values that are fully embedded in all aspects of our service:-

Effectiveness & Efficiency

● We will create an environment in which the university obtains the best possible value for all non pay expenditure.

● We will commit to deliver our promises, delivering our commits to agreed timescales, realising or exceeding our target benefit.

 Brand / Professionalism

● We will continue to build our credibility and enhance our reputation acting with integrity as a professional Procurement Team.

● We will develop our commercial skill set, promoting and enhancing collaborative opportunities as appropriate.

 Compliance to EU Rules and Regulations

● We will deliver a best in class professional service with quality output compliant with procurement regulations, policies and ethics.


● We commit to measure, manage and improve key strategic supplier performance to ensure value assurance is delivered as per Tender efficiency.

 Risk Management

● We will champion risk management ensuring that we effectively manage, monitor and control all internal and external supply chain risks.

 Stakeholder Engagement

● We will work in collaboration with our key stakeholders both internal and external govt bodies to provide procurement solutions to achieve agreed target aligned with procurement policy. 

Sustainable Procurement

●We will embed Sustainability in all stages of the Procurement Process to drive sustainable procurement outcomes.

●We will benchmark Sustainability performance against Scot Gov Flexible Framework, PCIPS and CIPS.

 Get It Done

● We will deliver commitments on time.

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