Guidance Notes - Staff Expenses Claim Form

Instructions on how to complete a staff expenses claim form

  • Please complete in BLOCK capitals.
  • Your staff number must be entered on the claim form.
  • This form is for University contracted employees use only. NOT for students, external examiners or casual staff.
    4 digit account and 5 digit project code to which the claim is to be charged must be entered (for guidance see how to complete forms)
  • A seperate claim form must be used for mileage.
  • Do not use this form for payment of salaries or fees.
  • Claim should be for incidental expenses only. Travel and accomodation should be pre-booked wherever possible. Equipment purchases should be made via a purchase order wherever possible (see the Purchasing Office website)
  • A description of expenditure must be entered at all times: you are required to show when/where/why/what expenses are being claimed. Please summarise all categories of expenditure on the face of form e.g. Accomodation, travel, meals, etc
  • All claims must be made in £'s sterling
  • Receipts in support of claim (wherever the supplier can be reasonably expected to supply them) must accompany the claim. Please number and note on claim form. If there are a number of receipts please put in envelope and staple it to claim form to avoid being lost. Please write name, employee no., dept & date of claim on front of envelope
  • Expense claims need not be limited to one per person per period. Submit claim as soon as expense is incurred.
  • A claim form must have the signature of the Claimant and also that of an authorised signatory. A claimant cannot both sign and countersign an expense claim made on his/her own behalf (see Section 5.2 of the Pay and Pensions Handbook for detailed authorisation instructions).
  • If there is insufficient space on the form please attach and number additional forms.
  • Include Value Added Tax (VAT) where applicable.
  • Where expenses claim relates to entertainment or courses and conferences, please refer to Section 5.5 and 5.6 of the Pay and Pensions Handbook and complete details as necessary on the external entertainment form.
  • Expense details must be made within two months of the expense being incurred. In the event of late claims being submitted, the authorised signatory will be expected to provide a written explanation in support of it. Late claims may be forwarded to the Director of Finance for a decision as to whether the claim will be honoured.


The responsibility to ensure the accuracy and correctness of an expenses claim rests with the authorised signatory. Incomplete or incorrect claims cannot be processed and will be returned to the authorised signatory with an explanation as to why it cannot be processed. Claims rejected in this way should be correctly completed and returned to the appropriate territorial unit within the payroll section of the Finance Office.

The responsibilities of the authorised signatory can be summarised as follows:

  • Must ensure expenses claimed represent a valid business expense.
  • That adequate description of expense is provided (what/when/why/where).
  • That an appropriate budget centre/account is present for each expense item being claimed.
  • That the claim is properly dated, signed and authorised.
  • That receipts are provided.