Translational Research Initiative drop-in sessions

Published: 13 September 2022

Interested researchers are invited to attend a drop-in session on 20 October

Date: 20 October 2022 

Time: 10:00   

Venue: Online   

Attendance via application (see details below)    

The Translational Research Initiative (TRI) are running a new translational research regulatory support scheme, aimed to provide interested researchers with personalised regulatory support from expert consultants. This initiative is funded by the Wellcome Trust and provides applicants with the opportunity to attend a 1-1 session with therapeutics and clinical device regulatory experts, who can provide tailored guidance and support on the regulatory requirements of clinical translational projects. Interested researchers are invited to submit a short application along with their questions to Dr Michaela Petaroudi, and successful applicants will be invited to attend an online meeting with the regulatory consultant. In case further support is needed, eligible researchers will be offered with the option to attend a follow-up session.  The next clinical drop-in session will be scheduled for 20 October 2022 at 10:00.

Who should attend?  

This event is open to all University of Glasgow research staff who are actively involved in translational projects and have identified specific areas where regulatory support or advice is required. To apply to take part in the next drop-in session, please get in touch with the Translational Research Clinical Officer, Dr Michaela Petaroudi.  

First published: 13 September 2022