Launch of Decolonising the Curriculum Community of Practice

Published: 10 August 2022

Colleagues from across the University have come together to develop a new Decolonising the Curriculum Community

Colleagues from across the Colleges and University Services have come together to develop a new Decolonising the Curriculum Community.

The Decolonising the Curriculum (DtC) Community of Practice is a group of colleagues who share an interest in identifying colonial injustice in institutional structures and the history of subject disciplines.

The DtC Community seeks to foreground existing and bring about new initiatives to change learning content, teaching and assessment practices that move away from a Eurocentric lens and embedding alternative and hitherto undervalued ways of knowing, teaching and assessing. By doing so we hope to make our curricula more accessible, relevant and inclusive and enable our students to become ethically and socially aware graduates. We work in partnership with students and each other to adopt an anti-racist lens in our teaching and share good practice and resources. The Community of Practice is open to anyone with an interest in Decolonising the Curriculum initiatives.

The Community has been taking shape over the past six months and it will be formally launched through a practice workshop at the end of August. The launch event will focus on sharing and building practice around decolonisation and anti-racism in teaching & learning with a brainstorming activity to co-create a list of resources for colleagues as a starting point to generate further discussions and follow-on activities.

If you are interested in meeting with colleagues, developing your skills and/or contributing to projects and initiatives, please join our Teams (it’s open to all!) to participate and hear about our programme for 2022-23. We are especially looking to include our PGRs and colleagues in support roles across the university.


The University of Glasgow acknowledges that during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries it received some gifts and bequests from persons who may have benefitted from the proceeds of slavery. Income from such gifts and bequests has been used in supporting academic activity undertaken by the students and staff of the University.

This acknowledgement is not simply an apology for what has happened in the past but to recognise and raise awareness about how racial slavery and history of colonialism have led to University's development and accumulation of wealth. Through this statement we reaffirm our commitment to reparative justice through actions designed to decolonise the curriculum.

This CoP and our community engagement values are a means of responding to our commitment to transform cultures.  As members of the CoP, we recognise the tensions and complexities of undertaking such work and have made the decision to attend to the actions through a consideration of what can be achieved by considering how to support staff and students within safe spaces, before considering how to develop future collaborative alliances. By alliances we mean spaces where staff and students can act together.



First published: 10 August 2022