Next generation of UofG Portals – a warm welcome!

We recently provided an update on the work we are doing on the staff and student portals to create an easy-to-navigate home for important information and services. To make interacting with the portals even easier, we’ve created a welcome tour, which highlights the different portal features and how to personalise your experience.

The welcome tour will be ready to go when you log onto the portal for the first time as a new TeamUofG member, or if you would like a refresh, you can visit our tour from the portal homepage. To find out more what we’re up to with the UofG Portals project, visit our website

We are also still looking for colleagues to get involved in our collaborative workshops to explore how we can improve engagement around the portal and think of a new name that encapsulates our new portal proposition. Contact the team and join us for one of our hour-long interactive sessions!

First published: 11 March 2022