UniForum data collection

Published: 4 August 2021

UniForum data provides comparative insight across the sector

During August, the University will again complete the UniForum professional services staff data collection exercise, looking back at the full 2020/21 academic year. The University is a member of a consortium of universities under the UniForum programme which allows us to compare ourselves and learn from over 20 other, mostly Russell Group, Universities in the UK and with a further similar number in New Zealand, Australia and Canada. All participating universities use a common framework to collect information on how professional services and support staff are deployed across the whole of the University.  

Our collection period will run 9 August to 3 September, followed by a data-checking period running throughout the rest of September. The information collected is provided by supervisors and managers (Respondents). All Respondents will be contacted by early August, asking them to carry out the short piece of work required to allocate the work of their teams based on the UniForum framework.

This year’s data will give us valuable insight into how our work changed during an extraordinarily challenging year, but we are conscious that this exercise is taking place during a particularly challenging period too. Respondents will find a streamlined process in place this year, with a significantly more intuitive online reporting tool and immediate access to the data from our previous collection to avoid having to start from scratch.

Training dates and online resources will be distributed to Respondents prior to the collection. Any questions can be directed to uniforum@glasgow.ac.uk.


Uzma Khan

UniForum Project Sponsor

Deputy Secretary

Director of Planning, Insights and Analytics

Executive Director of Research & Innovation Services (interim)

First published: 4 August 2021