Lab timetabling: updates and information

The information below is something we feel all UofG staff should be aware of, however in particular, we ask that if you are an Academic, Timetabler, Administrator or Programme Lead, that you please take the time to read through the information and review our requests for support.

Dear Colleagues,

The Lab Timetabling Group has been asked to consider planning and timetabling of specialist laboratories and computing clusters subject to the Covid related constraints of the 2021-22 academic session, along with implications for timetabling in the longer term.

CMIS will be re-opened at the beginning of July to allow timetabling of specialist laboratory sessions. Schools and CTT must complete CMIS/MyCampus updates by 30th July 2021, before release to students. It is recommended that academic decisions on specialist laboratories should be made well before the beginning of July.

We have published a dedicated webpage, as part of the Learning and Teaching Planning website, which provides additional context, with information on how you can help, and key contact names for your area. You can also sign up for future Learning & Teaching Open Sessions where you can come along and ask questions.

We are planning future open sessions around key themes, including for example Staff & Student On-Campus Safety, Lab Teaching, Hybrid Teaching, Learning Design, Learning from the Pandemic.

Kind regards,

Professor Scott Roy & the Lab Timetabling Group

First published: 1 June 2021