Update on Learning and Teaching Planning 2021-22

To ensure the University is prepared for the 2021-22 academic year, we have a dedicated project in place (Project Aurora) to support learning and teaching planning activities.

Thank you to everyone who is working hard to get the University ready for the upcoming academic year.

Below we have provided a brief update on our progress so far.

if you have any questions or feedback: contact the Project Aurora team.  

General Teaching Planning

  • Central Timetabling (CTT) has completed the general teaching scheduling, publishing the timetable and re-opening CMIS on Wednesday 23rd June. Overall, 71% of teaching events have been successfully roomed. The next step is collaboration between Schools and CTT to identify and agree options to room the remainder of the events.
  • A new working group has been established as part of Project Aurora to identify opportunities to support students with study space and synchronous online learning facilities.

Lab Teaching Planning

Professor Scott Roy and the Lab Teaching Group hosted an open Learning and Teaching Committee on Monday 21st June.  77 colleagues attended, raising many great questions, and helping other colleagues on the call with their insights and advice.  

The Lab Teaching Group stressed the urgency for Academics, Course and Programme Coordinators to prune lab content for the upcoming academic year. This is to ensure that students have the chance to interact with lab equipment, and with their peers, whilst not outstripping our available lab space at 1m social distancing.  If you have not already done so, please ensure that your lab space requirements are with your local Timetablers as soon as possible to ensure that these can be scheduled, and the timetable published, by 31st July.

Don’t worry if you missed the session as the recording is now available and can also be accessed on the Learning & Teaching Planning webpages.

Remember that you can find all of the Lab Teaching Planning information, guidelines and assumptions on the lab teaching guidelines webpage. Here you will also find some supporting case studies, and these are brilliant examples of how your colleagues have been applying the principles.

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First published: 9 July 2021