Use of face coverings on-campus

You will be aware that current government guidance mandates the wearing of face coverings in some situations, including in crowded areas such as shops and public transport, or where physical distancing is not possible.  

When on our campuses, we are asking people to observe the following guidance regarding the wearing of face coverings: 

  • In any case where two-metre physical distancing cannot be observed, and people are interacting face-to-face for a sustained period (about 15 minutes or more); 
  • Moving around indoor circulation spaces, including corridors, stairways and toilets; 
  • In shops or cafes, when not consuming food and drink; 
  • On shared transport to, from, or around campus. 

To assist, the University has ordered two reusable face coverings for each member of staff, and students. 

Some people, including those with health conditions, are exempt from wearing face coverings. Please be aware of the Scottish Government advice on this. 

Arrangements for distribution to students are being finalised but for staff each college/school/US directorate has been asked to place orders for the required number of coverings with the University Gift Shop. If you don’t believe an order for your area has yet been placed, please send the information detailed in the table below to as soon as possible. 



Number of staff already working ‘on campus’ 

Number of staff returning by 7thAug 

Number of staff returning thereafter 

Mailing address for distribution 

OR Collect from Shop 

Staff contact name for mailout or collection 








  • Mailing addresses should be a single internal mail address wherever possible - delivery will otherwise be made by Royal Mail 
  • If ‘Collect from Shop’ is preferred an email will be sent to the named contact to agree a collection date/time and confirm details for a safe collection from the main building (vehicle access is possible) 

If stocks run low, priority will be given to those who are working on-campus.  

Please do help to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone on our campuses by continuing to observe physical distancing rules, we have installed signage throughout campus to help with this. There is more information on measures that we are taking to protect people using on our campus available on our Recovery Hub webpages.

If you need to order additional or replacement signage, please contact the University Print Unit. 

First published: 28 August 2020