Two UofG scientists honoured by the Royal Society of Edinburgh

Published: 20 January 2020

Dr Martin Lavery and Professor David Manlove recognised by the Royal Society of Edinburgh

The Royal Society of Edinburgh, Scotland’s National Academy, has announced that five eminent scientists and researchers from four Scottish universities have been awarded prestigious RSE medals in recognition of their contributions and achievements in their selected fields of study.

The RSE Lord Kelvin and Sir Walter Scot Medals are presented to exceptional individuals who have demonstrated lifelong dedication and have made outstanding contributions to their area of research, business or public service. The RSE Dr Patrick Neill medal and Sir Thomas Makdougall Brisbane Medals are for early career researchers and business leaders for their outstanding contribution to their field of research or business.

Dr Martin Lavery, Associate Professor, Structured Photonics Research Group at the James Watt School of Engineering, received the RSE Sir Thomas Makdougall Brisbane Medal for his outstanding contribution to photonics, working on a diverse range of ongoing experiments including free-space optical communications and underwater optical communications.

The RSE Lord Kelvin Medal was awarded to Professor David Manlove, Professor of Algoprithms and Complexity in the School of Computing Science, for his outstanding contribution to computing science. His pioneering work in matching algorithms and software has enabled a significant increase in living kidney transplants, thereby improving public health.


First published: 20 January 2020