Diversity details – check your data!

Published: 27 September 2016

To support its staff the University needs to understand who they are, so please check and update your diversity data on Core.

A message from the Equality and Diversity Unit 

Dear Colleagues

Our strength as a world changing university lies with our staff and student population, and we are committed to supporting our diverse population of employees. To support our staff fully we need to understand who they are, so we that request you regularly check and update your diversity data on Core.

We recognise this information is of a sensitive nature. All data you provide will be treated in strict confidence and in accordance with the 1998 Data Protection Act.

Via the Equality and Diversity Unit, diversity data helps the University to:

  • shape our diversity strategies and policies;
  • ensure we are supporting our workforce appropriately;
  • identify areas of under representation and consider how to address these.

Also for the first time this year we will be conducting equal pay audits based on disability and ethnicity as well as gender.

As part of our Public Sector Equality Duty, the University is required to develop new Equality Outcomes by April 2017. Anonymous details on the diversity of our staff population will be published as part of this legal requirement. The data will also shapes these outcomes, and where the University focuses its equality objectives for the following four years.

Anonymised summary information will also be made available to Higher Education Statistical Agency (HESA) based on the categories they determine for all Scottish Universities.

We also share anonymous summary data with our campus trade unions, who we work in close partnership with on this agenda. They share our desire to improve our data set and are supportive of this exercise.

How to check and update your diversity details

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First published: 27 September 2016