Make your classes interactive with new voting system

Published: 27 September 2016

Students can now use their own phones, tablets and laptops to vote and respond to questions in class, giving teaching staff instant feedback on how well they understand the subject.

After a successful pilot programme, the YACRS class response system is now available in all centrally booked teaching spaces. YACRS is a bespoke solution for supporting interactive classes. It lets students use their internet-connected mobile phones, tablets and laptops to vote and respond to questions in real-time - a big improvement on the previous system, which relied on 'clicker' devices.

Class response systems have two key advantages:

  • Students are actively engaged during lectures/tutorials
  • Teachers can get instant feedback on how well the students understand the subject

How it works for staff

YACRS has been designed to be flexible and easy for you to use during class. You control the system from the presentation computer, with a small app that floats over your presentation software. When you start a question the app shows a count of the student responses as they arrive. When the question is closed, you can choose to display a bar chart of responses.

After the class, you can download a spreadsheet containing the student responses from the web interface.

How it works for students

Your lecturer or tutor will give you a link to a webpage, and a session number. Simply log-in with your GUID and enter the session number to access the question in your browser.

More information

First published: 27 September 2016