Important info about exams and other assessments

Published: 23 November 2016

FAO Staff: information has been circulated to students as a reminder about prohibited materials in examination rooms and procedures relating to illness etc. More details here...

On behalf of Professor John Briggs, Clerk of Senate and Vice Principal

John BriggsDear Colleagues

Information for students on examinations has been circulated to them and is available at: This reminds students about prohibited materials in examination rooms and also about procedures relating to illness or other circumstances which either prevent students from attending examinations (or handing in assessments), or affect their performance in them.

We are continuing to reinforce the importance of submitting this information on time (within 7 days of the affected assessment) to try and reduce the numbers delaying release of information on mitigating circumstances until after Exam Boards. I would therefore be grateful if you could support us in conveying this message by reminding any of your students who may be affected by adverse circumstances of the University's procedures. This will help to ensure that students are treated consistently.

Information on Adverse Weather and its effect on examinations and assessments has also been updated and is available at:

Thank you.

John Briggs

First published: 23 November 2016